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During the "new normal," how is everyone holding up? Have you made changes in your day to day lives? Or have you kept everything the same? For those with children, how are they doing with all of this going on? For mine, it's been a very difficult transition. Doing online schooling, three of my children are in different grades, while my four year old works on her workbook and learning apps. Believe not being able to spend time playing with their friends has been the most difficult for them. Not only am I their mother, but also their teacher. Sure, it's a lot of work, it's not all bad unless one decides to act up. Then I have to be the disciplinary, that is not always fun, yet it's the role of being a parent. Anyway, we haven't gone out as we normally would, parks, family gatherings, etc. We've made several changes to protect our loved ones. Because we believe that Corona Virus is a serious illness, and we don't want anything happening to our family. My husband works early in the mornings to early evenings, sometimes early evenings too. It scares me and I know it scares him as well, being left in the unknown, is frightening. Not knowing if he's going to come home with it and pass it onto us, yeah it's stressful. Reassuring him everyday that we are going to be just fine, how do I know for certain? In my heart I can feel it.

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