My Favorite Season

Fall is my number one favorite season, Leaves are changing from green to orange, yellow, then red. with this beautiful breeze knocking them off the branches. The scent of the fall weather is an absolute love of mine, with the sound of the rain falling, I can listen to it all day and night. Remembering when my brothers and I were kids, we would collect as much of the leaves as possible. Making this pile for us to jump into, and tossing leaves around at one another. Kind of like a snowball fight but with leaves. it rained more in California than snowed. Believe twice when we were younger, snow started to fall yet wasn't cold enough for it to stick. Could you imagine if it really did snow, we would have even more fun playing outside. Still, I see little ones gathering all the leaves they possibly can to create their pile of leaves, seeing their smiles as they're jumping in it brings back so many fond memories of my brothers and I. Growing up with three brothers, two older brothers and a step brother the same age as I am. Being a tomboy was bound to happen, although when I had the opportunity to dress up I was always up for it. So, I was not 100% tomboy, lol. I was just a rough as they all were, loved playing all kinds of sports, when it rained we would go to the park or school to play some mud football. Basketball on the dry days and or riding on our bikes around town, dirt fields and whatnot. We were very adventurous in our younger days. Reminiscing on the fun times we've shared together, all the fights, tears, hugs, and laughter, did I mention competitive when playing sports? We really were, some times yeah we got out of hand, the great thing is that no one ever got really hurt. We were a fun, wild, and goofy bunch of kids.

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