Missing My Queen

You're the light of my life,

So much passion we had,

Side by side we remained

You always had this pompadour look,

"You're so beautiful to me,"

I say to her

Laying in a field of wild daisy's,

An alluring afternoon it was

Holding her in my arms,

Her lips pressing against mine

To this day I can still feel her touch

Crawling on her was this chunky thing,

A month together,

Felt like a lifetime with you

Her beautiful long silky red hair,

I could run my fingers through it all day

I stayed close by her side,

Laying in my arms while we slept

Listening to her breathing,

Was always the sweetest sound

Her laugh,

Her smile,

Her voice reaches out to me

In my dreams you'll always be

When talking to the moon,

While our loved ones are sound asleep

Moving on we both have done

Longing for one another

Our lust we mustn't lose control

I know my queen you are missing me

One day I hope she will return,

I'll be here waiting for her

Our love was unbreakable,

It will never fade away

My queen...

My heart is missing you so

Written By: Marlena Church

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