Be the Hero that We Were Born To Be

Could you imagine what our world will be like if we all set aside our differences and treated one another as equals? Would our planet be as much as a disasters as it is now? Would their be starvation, homelessness going on? If we all took the time to care for each other, don't you think things would turn out for the better instead of the worse? Would more buildings even need to be built? Taking down land after land, can't you see what it's doing to our economy? If we could take out all products that are harmful to our planet from companies, Earth would become beautiful as it once was. When Earth was created, pollution did not exist. Us humans caused it, we are the reasons why Earth is rapidly dying. Trash being tossed around like it doesn't matter. Careless we all have become. Some are trying their hardest to save the world, but that is not enough. If everyone came together and took charge on cleaning up our homeland. Conserving water, recycling, getting rid of waste the proper way, eliminating chemicals, protecting wildlife, using less energy. These are only some of what we can do to help make our world a better place for us and every living creature, Planting trees do help, by helping our air stay freshly clean, they provide oxygen, provide soil erosion, they also protect us from ultra violet rays. With using warm and cold water instead of hot water will help too. There are so many things we can do to make a difference, One person cannot do it alone, we would all have to help out. I love using vinegar to clean my home, I even use it for my hair as a rinse. Reusable bags instead of plastic bags, I still don't understand why most stores are still using plastic. Why is that? Thought for sure they were going to be eliminated for good to force all of us to have reusable bags. Same with batteries, why are we still making disposable batteries? If we took those out and replaced them with rechargeable one's that too will make a huge impact. Buying foods in your local areas, eating more fruits and vegetables, hunting for your own foods. Instead of tossing away your scraps of foods, you can turn that into compost. Did you know that? Some if not most of us live in apartments such as myself, it is not always easy to do since we are limited on what we can and cannot do. If property owners made it a mandatory thing for all tenants to do then we would be looking at healthy soil for us to create beautiful gardens. Easier said than done though, right? How would you make sure that every tenant is doing what it required to do? It's almost impossible. For home renters and owners, have a bin to store your food waste, it'll become the best compost of your life. Tending to it for a few weeks, then mix it into the ground, your plants will look even more spectacular then you've imagined. Walk more and or ride your bike to and from work, carpooling helps a bit too. This may not be an easy task to do but trust me all of this will help. Don't you love being here on Earth? I sure do, and if we don't all make a stand to change our ways, we will end up losing everything.

If everything that was organically made and at a reasonable price, I bet we would all make some real changes. By joining groups that are involved with saving our planet, we can really make a difference. "Reduce and Reuse," has always been something we were all taught during our elementary years. Remember that. Lets be hero's together, it's not too late for us to make a stand.

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