A Widow's Broken Heart

Quietly she sits,

Out on her patio sipping her tea

Listening to the wind as it howls

Blowing strong like waves in the sea

Crashing through the branches

Hearing the rustling of the leaves

There she waits for him to come

In memories she's left to grieve

Boom! Thunder strikes

Crash! Her teacup breaks as it hits the ground

Pounding of her heart begins

Whispers from all around

Tears drip then drop

Falling hard at her feet

Heavy as the rain falls

A slight voice she hears

From the distance he calls

Kissing her softly

As a rose pedal hit her cheek

"Help me get through this my love,"

She cries to him

He was her always and forever

The wind surrounds her

In his arms she sobs to his hymn

"Together my dear love, I am always with you,"

Whispers she heard from the skies above

Written By: Marlena Church

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