A Heart Of An Ocean

Her story lies within her eyes

Her voice will never tell though,

You'll realize, she'll never lie

The smile she smiles throughout her day

Makes you wonder,

How does she do it?

How can this woman make it seem,

Seem so easy?

When she too has the horror

The horror that will tear you to shreds

Her fervor for life

Is so outrageous yet leaves you breathless

Breathless for the fact

That she lives on

She cares for others

Wants to help all she knows are in need

Despair she feels

For others, she will help

Her love, she has so much of

You are drawn to this woman

As if you've known her for years

Seconds is all it takes,

For you to revel yourself to her

There she sits to listen

Advice she will give you none

Only compassion she sends your way

Her home she opens to you

As an Angel from above would

Death she once encountered,

From the time, she wanted an end

He above kept her from falling

And for you she will do the same

Soon you will realize,

Yet never will you understand

But love the fact

Her heart is of the ocean

Written By: Marlena Church

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